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Safety in Coaches

Germany's safest way of transportation

TÜV and federal statistical office agree: The bus is the safest form of transportation on German roads. Studies confirm that the coach is on the lowest number of accidents and thus excels the car in terms of safety significantly. Additionally, the trip by coach is the most ecofreindly approach on travelling.

State of the art technology

Advanced coaches include technical highlights that are standard in our fleet: ESP, ABS, distance warning and lane assistant ensure that the bus is almost like driving on rails. Thanks to seat belts, modern cabin and high seating position, it is also much safer than traveling by car. Besides these aspects, however, the age of the vehicles is of equal importance - on average, our coaches are not older than 2 years and are among the youngest bus fleets in Europe.

With us, you drive as safely as the players of the German premier league.

Negative headlines in the press and public

Despite strict legal regulations, the safety can vary from coach operator to coach operator: Worn tires, tired drivers and risky driving behavior have caused negative publicity several times during the past years. However, this is true only for individual cases, but does not change the status of the coach as the safest means of transport. But as a passenger you want to not accidentally become a customer of one of these "black sheep" and thus be at risk!

Our Security Guarantee

This is where the HCT Coach & Bus Hire comes in with the highest possible safety standard, which goes far beyond the already stringent regulatory requirements. Not only that all of our buses annually perform TÜV examination and have to complete a security check every three months, in addition all buses are also being inspected before each ride by trained personnel. Thus, even small use-related defects are immediately identified and corrected. In addition, all buses used for long-distance travel have to perform a technical inspection of the braking system and electronic security. If a bus shows a defect, this bus is not being used - if in doubt, a replacement vehicle will be used, regardless of the increased expenditure for us as the operater. You will get this consistently implemented security guarantee only at HCT Coach & Bus Hire.

Qualified and specially trained drivers

A highly contemporary and technically impeccable bus is only as good as the driving personnel operating it. Therefore, the drivers and chauffeurs employed by us regularly attend safety training, in order to control not only the driving routine, but at all times to respond quickly and accurately, even in exceptional situations. Content on driving safety courses include hard braking on slippery road surfaces - an exercise scenario, which is not required by law and still be reality in exceptional cases. Rely on the specially trained and experienced drivers of HCT Coach & Bus Hire.

HCT Coach & Bus Hire: Arrive safely at all times!


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