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Protecting the envorionment & climate

Germany’s greenest way of travelling

With a tour bus you not only travel cheap and safe, but also eco-minded and with attention to climate change. The Federal Environmental Agency confirms in an up to date study: Modern coaches emit less pollutants at a distance of 100 km, than any other means of transportation - including travelling by train!

Source: Federal Environment Agency graphic © HCT Busvermietung GmbH

Only modern busses are environmentally friendly

To travel easy on environment, it requires state-of-the-art technique, which is standard in our bus fleet:

Thanks to innovative technologies like BlueTec, downsizing, lightweight construction and excellent Cw-air drag results, modern coaches today need about 20 % less fuel than five years ago. Only the newest bus models offer optimal preseveration of the environment und highest safety standards.

While cars still sometime struggle with innovations in regards to protecting the environment, tour busses belong to the technological avant-garde. By now, modern coaches do fulfill the strict EURO6-standard and reduce pollution by offering minimum CO²-emissions.

As our flagship, we operate the newest Mercedes-Benz Travego with BlueEfficiency-technology:

The economical engine ensures a drastic reduction of nitric oxide and particles in exhaust gas, which makes this bus generation the pioneer of a new technological era.
Do not rent just any coach for your tour:
HCT Busvermietung’s modern bus fleet brings you safe, comfortable and climate-friendly to your destination!

Travel with Germany’s greenest way of transportation. Welcome aboard!
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